A special Friday edition of the Viewer's Guide will focus on one of the best days of college hoops all season, the Friday of Conference Tourney week.
Both Villanova and St. John's will look to avoid disastrous starts to their Big East seasons on Tuesday. Also, Minnesota needs a big win over Ohio State.
Huge day for college football, but college hoops doesn't stop, and here are the results you need to know about.
Hundreds of players changed teams in the past couple of months, so we're recapping all the major moves.
A legendary, likeable former coach of college hoops died Friday. Charlie Coles leaves behind an endearing legacy and one famous postgame press conference.
Bowling Green's Louis Orr could be the only MAC coach even close to the hot seat.
Duke and North Carolina are not on the same level this season, but their matchups also highlight the night's slate.
Ohio State beat Michigan the first time the two teams faced off this season, but this one is in Ann Arbor. Can the Buckeyes do it again?

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