Add Maryland-Eastern Shore to the list of coaching vacancies.
Not a busy day on the Monday slate, but there are a couple of meaningful games in the Big East and Big 12.
A month ago, Kansas beat Kansas State and looked primed to cruise to a Big 12 title. Well, that has changed.
Monday features two solid games at the top, as Syracuse has to beat Notre Dame to avoid its third loss in a row.
The storyline of college basketball's last remaining unbeaten team -- or sometimes the final two -- captures the sport's attention every season. It's a fun thing to track. But what about the squads we never see that play out the pressure in reverse, going months into a campaign and exasperating themselves in desperation, all to avoid further humiliation and embarrassment. Just one win.
There aren't any marquee matchups on Monday, but finals week is over and we have a full week of competitive hoops!

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