What you need to know heading into the Ed O'Bannon vs. NCAA appeal beginning March 17.
Plaintiffs had some potential avenues to appeal. NCAA is appealing the ruling, which determined NCAA violates antitrust law.
The United States Congress and its current, single-digit approval rating could get involved in the NCAA's various crises.
Reactions from around college sports about the decision that the NCAA violates antitrust laws by not paying players for use of their names, images and likenesses.
It's going to take a while to sort out what the O'Bannon ruling means for all parties concerned and how changes will be implemented.
In the wake of Friday's landmark O'Bannon decision, it's time to ask, "Just what does the NCAA do?"
Judge allows for trust funds to be established to share in licensing revenue
A United States Senate committee says it will explore NCAA's stated mission to integrate college sports and academics, and whether the commercial enterprise unfairly exploits athletes.
Will paying players kill college football? That's the question the being posed by the O'Bannon trial, and the answer is already abundantly clear: Not at all.
But what does that number mean? How survey questions get asked is a focus of the Ed O'Bannon names, images and likeness trial on Wednesday.

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