The two biggest jobs open now in college basketball: Georgetown and Dayton
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Rick Lewis and Jamie Shaw assembled a swath of over 120 of the best players in the state of North Carolina, a state whose depth in 2018 contrasts significantly with the
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A tough break for the Bulldogs in the opening round of the NIT.
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From seeds to snubs, Jerry Palm reacts to the 2017 Bracket
The NCAA will be testing a new set of rules in the NIT
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Georgia's NCAA Tournament hopes didn't materialize but the Bulldogs do get to keep playing after making the NIT.
The Wildcats advanced past Arkansas with an 11th straight win
All the tip times and TV info for the 2017 SEC basketball tournament in Nashville
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Does Georgia have a chance to make the NCAA Tournament or will it be NIT all the way? Dawgs247 examines.

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