Kentucky coach John Calipari says recent rule changes won't help the sport if officials won't change the way they call fouls.
Pretty good all around here. Well done, John Calipari.
John Calipari claims getting as many players into the NBA Draft was Kentucky's primary goal last season. It wasn't winning a national title -- it was putting guys into the draft. That was the objective.
The Tar Heels are followed by Maryland, Iowa State, Kentucky and Kansas.
Calipari, who has been at Kentucky since 2009, has previous NBA coaching experience with the Nets.
The Pac-12 schedule won't be a walk in the park for Arizona, and Kentucky will have some additional competition in the SEC from an unlikely team.
Kentucky and Arizona State will square off Dec. 12 in Rupp Arena in the first matchup of a multiyear series between the two teams.
Kentucky coach John Calipari wrote a long post on Tuesday explaining what to expect from the Wildcats in the future. And given those words, it would be a surprise if that included the "platoon."
Willie Cauley-Stein has officially changed his name prior to being drafted into the NBA.

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