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Fans are invited to join South Carolina women's basketball for its Community Champions day of community engagement at Hyatt Park on July 15.
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South Carolina coach Frank Martin continues to look for the right fits to be a part of his program.
The two SEC coaches let everyone know what changes they think should come to the NBA Draft
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Dawn Staley jumped on the opportunity to go overseas, her first international trip with the Gamecocks, and wants this trip to be more than just about basketball.
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Now an NBA player, it's safe to say Sindarius Thornwell has secured the bag.
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A bright spot to South Carolina's 2017 baseball season, freshman outfield Carlos Cortes was yet again named a to a Freshman All-American team.
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Some time this summer, Chris Silva will return home to his native country of Gabon for the first time since leaving for the United States five years ago.
Full results of all 60 picks of the 2017 NBA Draft
See who nailed it and who whiffed as we grade every pick of the 2017 NBA Draft
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The Gamecocks' standout point guard is getting a shot on the West Coast.

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