The Chanticleers! This team is probably going to be a 16 seed, but it's finally broken through and will be in the Big Dance.
Iowa State and Oklahoma State both needed a win on Monday to get some momentum. They get a marathon.
With only about a month left in the regular season, things are shaping up for a fun final few weeks. Iowa State and Oklahoma State highlight Monday.
This is one of the all-time horror/memorable stories in terms of team transportation for a game. You've gotta read it. There's an uplifting aspect to it as well.
If you have Christmas shopping to do this weekend, don't do it Saturday. We've got a loaded slate of college basketball.
The weekend will be filled with interesting championship game matchups in most of the early-season tournaments.
Our position-by-position rankings continue with a look at the top big men in the nation.
After looking at the top 11 conferences, we provide a complete breakdown of the other 21 leagues. Here's the best teams and players to watch.
Matthew Graves was the associate head coach (and next in line) at Butler until he left in March to become the head coach at South Alabama. It's a move he might undo if he knew Brad Stevens would soon leave. But Graves doesn't regret it, still.
We've touched on the big names in new spots, so now it's time to run down all the rest of the coaching changes in college hoops.

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