Texas lost at home to Iowa State today, adding to its misery against top-rated teams.
Virginia, VCU and Wyoming are teams dealing with injuries that could impact their selection or seeding for the NCAA tournament.
It's already been too wild of a Saturday. A lot to review, so let's get into it here. Best college hoops scores, stats and videos.
The fight in Saturday's game led to one ejection and two suspensions.
Colorado State forward J.J. Avila got tangled up and started a fight that led to the ejection of Air Force guard Matt Mooney.
Not only does Alabama beat No. 1 Mississippi State, Nick Saban's crew does it at the right time with a stellar defense and Blake Sims playing QB at a very high level.
San Diego State, Boise State and Colorado State are expected to compete for the Mountain West Conference title this season.
The investigation is underway at AFA, where allegations of bad behavior are the big story -- but what of the former hoops players who were afforded their own special class?

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