One AP voter left Baylor off of his ballot but included Hawaii. Neither of those decisions make any sense. And that's the focus of this week's Poll Attacks.
Tyler Ulis is the engine for powerful Kentucky, but the play of front-line cog Alex Poythress will go a long way in defining success for the Wildcats this season.
Buddy is absolutely ballin' right now.
The NCAA Division I committee on infractions doled out punishment to the University of Hawaii and former coach Gib Arnold on Tuesday following a yearlong investigation into the men's basketball program. And boy, did they come down hard.
Our experts predict the 2015-16 champion for every Division I conference in the nation.
The definitive atlas on the current state of college basketball. Fifty programs for 50 states.
The biggest teams: Kentucky, North Carolina, Duke, Kansas, Michigan State. The list goes on. They're all playing in something major in college hoops this November.
Hawaii has begun a new era with their basketball program, hiring Saint Mary's assistant Eran Ganot as its next coach.
A special Friday edition of the Viewer's Guide will focus on one of the best days of college hoops all season, the Friday of Conference Tourney week.

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