It's time to flip the script on our all-time single-season team series and look at the very worst seasons at each position.
Veteran slugger Carlos Lee is stepping away after 14 seasons in the big leagues.
There have been 42 contracts worth at least $100 million given out in baseball history, but which teams drafted and developed those players?
Monday is Jan. 28. Pitchers and catchers report to big-league camp from Feb. 10-13, depending upon the team. So that means we are basically two weeks away. And yet there are still a decent amount of name players looking for work. Just for fun, let's make an "All-Star team" of the guys still sitting there on the open market.
Cleveland has a little money to spend and will add a hitter, who could be an ex-Indians standout like Jim Thome or Travis Hafner. Manny Ramirez does not appear to be a thought, though.

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