The first-half Fantasy All-Stars have put owners on track for a championship season. Now it's time to honor the disappointing All-Scrubs keeping other owners from a title.
Only a few currently garnering saves in the AL in danger of losing their jobs
Fantasy baseball owners are always thinking two steps ahead to try and find the next ninth-inning options for major-league managers. Here are eight relievers who could start racking up saves before long.
Adam, Scott and Al talk about some slumping players and decide if it's time to give up
The Tigers are once again excellent, but aging closer Joe Nathan threatens to undermine their season if he can't improve his performance.
A battle of first-place teams happens in Toronto this weekend between the A's and Blue Jays. Let's take a look at that and more in our Hoagie Scale.
David Ortiz gains an extra hit by appeal, but it's his four HRs that make him the clear choice to lead the Bulls. Elsewhere, the game's best pitcher is a rare Bear.
Dr. James Andrews says year-around baseball caused the elbow epidemic, and says more high school pitchers than ever are coming to him, wanting the Tommy John procedure done.
Detroit has few weaknesses but the pen has been one of them.
At least five teams are thought to be looking closely at the two-time All-Star reliever.

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