What's different about Josh Rutledge this time around? Is Jordan Lyles the real deal? Our Nando Di Fino shares his take on the hot names currently being scooped up off the waiver wire.
Carlos Zambrano threw his first 4 1/3 professional innings of the season Tuesday in High-A ball, and now he believes he's ready for MLB.
The Phillies have been hit hard by pitching injuries this year, so they addressed that issue by adding some minor-league depth on Wednesday, signing former major leaguer Carlos Zambrano.
Former big league right-hander Carlos Zambrano has signed with the Long Island Ducks.
The Marlins' cleanup hitter Sunday has one career big-league hit and a career .389 Triple-A slugging percentage.
There have been 42 contracts worth at least $100 million given out in baseball history, but which teams drafted and developed those players?
It was another busy season for positional changes in Major League Baseball, so there's no shortage entering 2013. We've got a complete list for multi-eligible players, starting and relief pitchers and more for your league setup.
Carlos Zambrano could sign in Japan or Taiwan if he isn't able to get a major-league deal.

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