Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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The Heat All-Star isn't in good shape and the team hasn't played well with him on the floor, but he's playing through because "sometimes you have to."
Hassan Whiteside's sore right knee could keep him out of the Heat's lineup for an undetermined amount of time.
Paul George is leading the new-look Pacers, who are trying to get back to where they were a couple of years ago by doing things completely differently.
What were the top lineups for the East teams last year and how can they improve this season?
There's no denying how good the Heat look on paper, and with more emphasis on pace and versatility, they could be pretty dangerous.
Pat Riley believes he's put together a team that can contend for the NBA championship this season.
Is George Karl going to be able to replicate the offensive success with the Kings that he had with Carmelo Anthony in Denver?
Amar'e Stoudemire is now a reserve on the Miami Heat and feels he can get back to being a very important player.
The Miami Heat had a predictably down year when LeBron James left. Did this offseason move them back toward the top of the East?
Chris Andersen's extended cameo on an episode of "Ballers" is very entertaining.

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