Fitting and fun that in the final season of the Big East as we know it, we're getting set up for an interesting league race and the possibility for a variety of contradictory results that should make the postseason conversation an interesting one.
After a banner year of Wednesday podcasts in 2012, the first Norlander/Goodman/Parrish midweek show of 2013 picks up where we left off.
Seven schools leaving the conference has caused some confusion.
Hard as it is to believe, if the Big East is fated to go up in flames, the ashes could produce something that's compatible, if not totally comparable, to what the Big East became in the past 25 years.
As college presidents and powers-that-be in the Big East coerce each other into dismantling what was once the best basketball conference in the sport, a new question arises that will need to be answered fairly quickly.
We're now getting a look behind the curtain at current feelings within the administration. The Cincinnati Enquirer reports the school not only has its sight set on the ACC, but the Big 12 might also be a suitable landlord one day as well.

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