The regular season ends for 15 conferences this weekend, and there are big games everywhere.
So who's gone where? Why? What does it mean? Who benefits and who suffers? I'm laying it out for you here, just as conference play gets underway and these programs begin playing in new sheds on the road, fledgling rivalries just out of the box, still smelling like plastic. Try your best to not be confused; try your worst to get as frustrated as possible.
Butler has had so many big moments in the past five years. In terms of big-time wins in the regular season, it's hard to argue anything was as big as what transpired in Indianapolis on Saturday. In fact, history proves it.
Hard as it is to believe, if the Big East is fated to go up in flames, the ashes could produce something that's compatible, if not totally comparable, to what the Big East became in the past 25 years.

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