We'll start previewing all 30 MLB teams with the Arizona Diamondbacks. Hey, Paul Goldschmidt is awesome!
Russell Martin is by far the best catcher on the free-agent market this offseason. Here's a breakdown of the available backstops.
A total of 121 players became free agents on Thursday. Here's the list.
Catchers are getting more credit for influencing ball/strike calls, but Fantasy owners may very well be able to ignore their impact.
The Braves were officially eliminated from postseason contention on Sunday. Time to eulogize their season.
Rockies pitcher Nick Masset has been suspended for three games while Braves pitcher David Carpenter has received a fine. Watch the videos of the hit batsmen here.
Rockies hitter Corey Dickerson accidentally fouled a ball off Braves catcher Gerald Laird's mask and then accidentally hit him on the mask with his bat on a follow through. And he was hit with a pitch on purpose for it.
Braves third baseman Chris Johnson had to be removed from Friday's game after a temper tantrum.
Braves GM Frank Wren painted a rosier picture than one would think considering the team's spring of great pain. And looking at their past, maybe they can piece things together.
Santana is that rare person who's willing to take less guaranteed money. And he did so to get a second crack at a free agent market that wasn't completely kind.

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