They arrive in Arlington, prepare for the series opener against the Rangers and the clubhouse television blasts Alex Rodriguez updates and conspiracy theories as they dress. ...
Yankees captain Derek Jeter kicked off his minor-league rehab assignment on Saturday night.
Yankees captain Derek Jeter will begin an official minor-league rehab assignment this weekend.
The Yankees have a lot of holes thanks to all their injuries, but luckily for them the trade market will offer plenty of solutions in July.
Twins first baseman Kris Parmelee made a nifty catch in the stands on Thursday, and the kids in attendance gave him a handsome reward.
The struggling Dodgers' owners are said to view Zack Greinke's return as hope. It may also mean that manager Don Mattingly is under the gun.
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With the West Coast version of the Yankees, the goal is to hang on until some stars return (or maybe more stars can be imported).

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