It's the latest step by the NFL to create an atmosphere of acceptance for when a player comes out as gay.
Hours after an Atlanta radio station suspended three radio hosts for a tasteless skit about Steve Gleason, the trio has been terminated.
A group of hosts at 790 the Zone in Atlanta were suspended for mocking Steve Gleason and ALS in a skit on Monday morning.
Linebackers Scott Fujita and Brendon Ayanbadejo, and punter Chris Kluwe have long championed gay rights, and all think NFL locker rooms could handle a gay teammate. On Thursday, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell weighed in on the matter.
Scott Fujita signed a one-day contract with the New Orleans Saints on Monday before announcing his retirement in Machu Picchu, which is located in the Andes Mountains in the Urubamba Valley in Peru, South America.
Last week, NFLPA president Domonique Foxworth discussed the possibility of multiple players coming out as homosexual. On Friday, former Ravens linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo echoed those sentiments.
Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons said on Twitter that an NFL player coming out as gay would be a 'selfish act' because the player would be 'trying to make themselves bigger than the team.' Clemons emphasized that he's not against gay players, he just thinks that players should leave their 'love life at home.'
NFL player Scott Fujita and others are working to make sure a gay active NFL player would be comfortable in the locker room. Could the efforts of Fujita and others soon be tested?
This week, NFL Players Association president and former player Domonique Foxworth wrote a thoughtful piece in the Huffington Post about the need for the 'jocks to embrace diversity.' Sixty years ago, diversity would've been a racial question; today, it's about sexual orientation.
Legal expert Eric Macramalla digs deep into Paul Tagliabue's legal decision to vacate all player punishment in the Bountygate case and explains what it really means for the league, the players and the possibility of further litigation.

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