Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Can the '72 Dolphins top the '02 Bucs to remain undefeated? Will the '85 Bears get past the '90 Giants to reach the Round of 16? And which Steelers team wins in a head-to-head matchup: the '75 version or Big Ben's '08 squad? Those answers and more in the second round of the Ultimate 50.
A game that got off to an incredibly slow start more than made up for it over the final few minutes. To the point that we're still trying to sort through everything that happened as we write this.
You almost never hear a teammate not stick up for his fellow player but James Harrison got a Bengals' player's back.
Bengals linebacker Vontaze Burfict hasn't hid his feeling about the Steelers in the past, but he put things bluntly in the lead up to Saturday's playoff matchup with Cincinnati's rival.
Bill Belichick may be a genius, but he fails yet again at situational football with his decision to defer in OT. Also lame? The Steelers' effort Sunday.
The Steelers made a holiday video that you'll probably watch more than once.
Welcome to December football in the AFC North, everybody.
This birthday cake is not like any other birthday cake you've ever seen.
The Bengals go for a rare season sweep of the rival Steelers while LeSean McCoy finally gets his long-awaited shot to get back at Chip Kelly.
The best games of Week 13? There are games in which both teams are still harboring some legit playoff hopes -- headlined by Seahawks-Vikings -- and another that features the lone remaining undefeated team.

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