Hitting on first-round picks is great, but the truly good teams are able to unearth starters late in the draft. We take a look at some of the best draft steals in NFL history.
It's just about time for teams to decide whether they'll be picking up the fifth-year options on 2013 first-round picks (if they haven't already). Whose options are getting exercised, and whose aren't?
James Harrison isn't a big fan of the Steelers schedule.
Rather than returning to the team that drafted him, Allen went back to the one that made him a star.
James Harrison will be 38 on May 4. You would not know this to look at him, especially when he's displaying feats of strength usually reserved for superheroes.
James Harrison has a high tolerance for pain.
Peyton Manning's Hall of Fame career spanned 18 season and he faced or played with thousands of players. Two of them were Craig 'Ironhead' Heyward and his son, Cam Heyward.
James Harrison believes people should earn everything they get, and that's especially true of his two young sons.
James Harrison posted two strange photos to his Instagram account on Saturday.

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