Former Jets linebacker Bart Scott had some strong words for the New York media, a group he says includes "a bunch of jerks."
The Ravens have knocked on the Pats' dynasty door for years. Mike Freeman says the champs' plan and personnel put them in position to kick it in.
On Tuesday, the Jets began dumping salaries to get under the salary cap. Bart Scott, Calvin Pace, Eric Smith,and Jason Smith were released, saving some $32 million. This is just the beginning, of course.
The Jets announced Tuesday that they've released high-priced tackle Jason Smith and high-priced linebackers Calvin Pace and Bart Scott (along with safety Eric Smith) -- which will save the team more than $24 million in salary-cap space.
With so many teams needing linebacker help, the draft will be a solution for several clubs. Pat Kirwan breaks down the available talent, what little there is.
As teams enter the 'adjustment season', Pat Kirwan looks at the fate of veterans who have or will fall victim to NFL economics.
Successfully switching defensive schemes doesn't usually happen overnight. Th Saints and Eagles will have to try to find the right players through the draft and free agency.
The Jets and Saints find themselves in a salary cap mess and big moves will be necessary. Jason La Canfora breaks down which teams figure to be shedding or adding big salaries this offseason.
The New York Jets are reportedly planning to release Bart Scott, Calvin Pace and Jason Smith.
The offseason has just begun, and that means cap season has just kicked in. Jason La Canfora looks at big-name players who will either accept less money to stay or receive walking papers to go.

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