Here's a roster of the best NFL players to get their walking papers Saturday. Is there any chance this group could beat the Jets or the Raiders?
Chip Kelly played enough against Matt Barkley while coaching at Oregon to know what he can do at quarterback. Clark Judge says Philly's pick of Barkley means mistake-prone Michael Vick is not long for Philly.
The New York Giants made a curious draft choice. Is Jerry Reese going to keep quarterback Ryan Nassib or is he setting up a trade?
West Virginia QB Geno Smith, projected by many as a first-round NFL Draft pick, watches the first round go by. One day, he will make those who passed on him wish they'd viewed him differently.
Quarterback David Carr knows what it's like to be a high draft pick. He was the first choice of the 2002 draft. He was also the first choice of the Houston Titans ... ever ... and he had plenty to say this week about what he learned about the draft and the NFL over the past 11 seasons.
Former NFL quarterback Pat White will work out for the New York Giants, according to the New York Daily News. White reportedly worked out for the San Francisco 49ers on Thursday.
The New York Giants re-signed backup quarterback David Carr to a one-year deal on Tuesday.
The top 10 free-agent quarterbacks for the 2013 offseason.
The 49ers and Chiefs stand to gain a lot from the Alex Smith trade. And don't forget Colin Kaepernick -- he's a winner, too.
Around half of the Giants' 2012 roster has a realistic chance of moving on this offseason. General manager Jerry Reese was asked on Monday if he'd put the number around 23 players in total. "It's a pretty big number, but nothing we can't handle," Reese said.

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