A total meltdown leads to a huge Rockets win and this thing is going to seven after the Clippers can't hold a Game 6 19-point lead in the second half.
Cleveland took a 3-2 lead against Chicago, and Houston stayed alive against the Clippers.
Is this the end of the Houston Rockets? Can Kyrie Irving play through injury to help LeBron James? A look at the playoff action coming Tuesday in the NBA playoffs.
Rockets center Dwight Howard picked up a technical foul in the first quarter against the Clippers on Sunday, and Matt Barnes had some words for him.
Playing at home, the Bulls and Rockets hope to take a 2-1 series lead.
The Bulls and Clippers beat their conferences' respective No. 2 seeds on Monday.
Was it the greatest first-round series, ever? Is Blake Griffin now a playoff monster? What happened to Kawhi Leonard? How crazy was this thing?
The Los Angeles Clippers are moving on and the San Antonio Spurs are sent packing by the gritty play down the stretch of a hobbled Chris Paul.
The best series of the first round ended on Saturday, as Los Angeles defeated San Antonio in Game 7.
Clippers forward Matt Barnes had a pretty nice give-and-go on Saturday.

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