Rangers third baseman Adrian Beltre raised his hand and stepped out of the batter's box Wednesday night, assuming he'd be granted timeout. He wasn't. And he struck out "looking."
Consider Adrian Beltre's one-knee power stroke to be the Beltre family swing.
Rangers All-Star Yu Darvish took a baseball to the head Tuesday, but it wasn't a direct hit and Darvish appears to be just fine.
Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder recently shed it all for the cameras. Here's proof.
Updates on the injured Michael Wacha, Dexter Fowler, Edwin Encarnacion and Jered Weaver headline Monday's daily recap.
Jeff Samardzija's deal didn't even make it to the deadline. Dealt from the Cubs to the A's, he's symbolic of the MLB trading deadline in 2014 -- lots of strong arms and not many bats among our top 60 trade-available players.
Here are the full rosters for the 2014 All-Star Game.
The first-half Fantasy All-Stars have put owners on track for a championship season. Now it's time to honor the disappointing All-Scrubs keeping other owners from a title.
With the real All-Star teams set to be announced Sunday, let's get ahead of the game with a Fantasy All-Star roster for the first half.
This headline isn't a joke. Miles Mikolas really eats a live lizard on camera. Here it is.

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