Injury updates and a healthy dose of trade deadline rumors headline Tuesday's daily recap.
What players have the most infield hits this season? Further, what players have specifically done so via the bunt most often? It's time for Leaderboarding.
Jeff Samardzija changed major-league teams in early July, and he's also changed plenty of Fantasy teams since his move. What is it that has caused Samardzija to be Fantasy's most traded player?
Huston Street has already been traded. Which closer is next? And just who's handling the ninth inning in Tampa Bay and Chicago anyway? Scott White examines some sticky closer situations
David Price's trade stock remains sky high, but are the Rays willing to deal their ace? Or will someone like the Dodgers or M's meet their, um, price?
Cubs first baseman Anthony Rizzo made an exceptional snare on Sunday against the Diamondbacks, but it wound up costing his team a critical run.
If you dress up like an unofficial Cubs mascot and get in bar-fights, then you might get sued by those very Cubs. Just so you know.
Injury updates and a healthy dose of trade deadline rumors headline Saturday's daily recap.
A fan ran onto the field during Friday night's Diamondbacks game and snapped a selfie before evading security with some sweet moves.
The Cubs have a loaded system when it comes to hitting prospects, and that fact was very much on display Thursday night.

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