Harden didn't play great, no one could shoot, and the Rockets still rolled to a 4-1 series win
The Cavs and Warriors have both swept their first-round opponents
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The Portland Trail Blazers have had the unfortunate task of matching up with the Golden State Warriors for two consecutive postseasons. After the Warriors swept the Blazers
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The NBA lost a member of its family on Tuesday morning as the New York Knicks' public relations staff confirmed that two-time All-Star Ken Sears has died at the age of 83.
It's not all about Stephen Curry and LeBron James being awesome -- we knew that already
On a night of blowouts, Stephen Curry led the Warriors to a sweep and the Raptors got their groove back
Our experts predict every series in the 2017 NBA playoffs
Looking to complete the sweep, the Warriors came out on fire against the Blazers

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