Russell Westbrook proudly plays the way he always has, and right now he's better than ever.
Would Kevin Durant really leave OKC for the Dubs? Not only is it possible, but some Warriors players even think it's going to happen.
Kobe Bryant and LeBron James never met in the postseason. This weekend in Toronto, two old lions say goodbye as a younger one, Steph Curry, lies in wait.
The TNT commentator and NBA legend doesn't give full perspective on what Curry does but that's not going to stop the hordes at his door for slandering the reigning and presumptive MVP.
The Lakers legend doesn't feel that LeBron James is his rival, because their primes didn't overlap. He also doesn't care that they never played in the Finals against each other.
Back in 2012 when the future of Steph Curry's greatness was in doubt, a possible surgical scenario involved tendons from a cadaver.
Kristaps Porzingis and Jahlil Okafor are back in the top three this week.
Zach Harper and James Herbert go over the big injury to Jimmy Butler, what the injury to Marc Gasol means to the Grizzlies' playoff hopes, and try to figure out audio emoji technology.
Heath Cummings has concerns about the Warriors lineup so he looks to the other top matchups of the night.
The Golden State Warriors beat the Rockets, no surprise. How they did it is a bigger story than most will realize.

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