CP3, the Point God, is headed to Clutch City, and the NBA landscape has again flipped on its axis
The Chris Paul-to-Houston trade obviously shakes up the NBA landscape. Chris Towers tries to figure out what it means for the Fantasy world.
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Before his recent trade to the Houston Rockets, Chris Paul despised Doc Rivers. According to SportsCenter's Michael Eaves, Paul began to resent the Los Angeles Clippers head
The Clippers traded Paul to the Rockets, bu they're not in full rebuild mode yet
Chris Paul is going to the Rockets so what does this mean for the future
Is this the start of a new era for the Clippers?
The addition of Paul makes the Rockets a bigger threat, but they're not even close to a favorite
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Chris Paul is now a member of the Houston Rockets. While it was known the Rockets were pursuing Paul, the Los Angeles Clippers' trade of the All-Star point guard came out of

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