Lakers star says he is 'tremendously close' with longtime NBA coach, TWC commentator.
A report indicated that Carmelo Anthony had made up his mind, but he has not told New York this.
As the Cleveland Cavaliers prepare for a run at free-agent LeBron James, the King has remained silent. The idea that he's leading anyone on doesn't pass the truth test.
OKC coach meets with free agent Laker in Los Angeles Tuesday.
LeBron James will meet with Heat president Pat Riley Wednesday in Las Vegas as the first week of the free-agent negotiating period winds down without a decision from the four-time MVP.
Phoenix can offer LeBron James a combination of proven talent and future flexibility unlike any of his other suitors.
With LeBron James expected to make his second huge free agency decision in four years this week, we're taking you through the Lakers option.
Only three teams remain in Survivor: Melo and the Lakers, Knicks and Bulls are vying for the services of the All-Star forward.
Dallas will try and lure the restricted free agent from the Rockets, but if Houston doesn't land a max free agent, will they let him loose?
With Indiana hesitant to give Stephenson a big-money contract, the temperamental sub-star is looking at his options.

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