Michael Morse is back from his DL stint that was due to a quad injury. As a corresponding move, Jason Bay has been DFA'd. He has 10 days to be traded, released or accept his assignment to the minors.
The trade deadline is only a week away, and since we like to judge things here, let's take a look at what the five AL West teams should do.
Bobby Bonilla's now-famous deferred deal with the Mets, which is actually two deals, has come under scrutiny because of the Mets' financial missteps. But there is more to the story, including a similar deal for Bret Saberhagen, that actually was the template for Bonialla's take.
Sometimes great players, even historically great players, get stuck on really bad teams. It's time to show them a little love.
The trade deadline is less than five weeks away, so it's a good time to sit down and figure out what noncontenders actually have to offer.
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