Curtis Johnson coached Andre Johnson and Reggie Wayne while they were in college and thinks White shares similarities with both.
The Buccaneers' QB-WR duo is putting in work to improve their chemistry.
Trade talks that would send Kaepernick to Denver have reportedly stalled, but a trade remains a possibility. Here's all the boxes that need to be checked to make it happen.
Nobody throws good money after bad like NFL teams in free agency. Here's a warning to the Jags, Browns and Titans: Don't waste your money.
Andre Johnson isn't retiring despite his disappointing season and clear signs of aging.
Andre Johnson was supposed to take the Colts to the next level. Instead he struggled to make a difference.
Johnson has amazingly put up some of the best numbers of all time while catching passes from a motley crew of quarterbacks.
Indy's 2015 free agency signings focused on older players, but Irsay would like to see the team see more of an age balance in the future.
Can Rex Ryan knock his former team out of a playoff spot? Could the Panthers blow the No. 1 seed in the NFC? There's no shortage of subplots in Week 17.
The 40-year old Matt Hasselbeck has been slowly breaking down for weeks.

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