Eric DeCosta, Baltimore's GM-in-waiting who has been with the club almost since its inception, gives a behind-the-scenes account of the NFL Draft and how the Ravens used their bounty of picks with numerous holes to fill.
QB or pass rusher for the Cowboys? Try safety. Big D passes on big Joey Bosa for the versatile Jalen Ramsey, who will help shore up a suspect secondary.
Ravens defensive end Terrell Suggs was arrested in Scottsdale, Ariz., late Thursday for leaving the scene of an accident and driving with a suspended license.
Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs was arrested in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Thursday night and cited for driving with a suspended license and leaving the scene of an accident.
Hate the Patriots all you want, but they're not going anywhere as a Super Bowl contender after coming up short in Denver. This roster, and its star QB, are built to last.
They're on the set of The Rock's HBO Show, Ballers.
From injuries to close losses, the Ravens have had an awful season. They came up with a timely comparison on Thursday.
It's something of an understatement to say the Ravens have hit a rough patch this season
Can Big Ben and the Steelers keep pace with the division-leading Bengals? They'll have to get past the Seahawks -- in Seattle. Will Brock Osweiler give the Broncos a fighting chance against the 10-0 Patriots?
Chip Kelly may be an offensive guru, but as an NFL GM, the defense he put together stinks. Kelly wanted all the power, so deserves the blame.

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