It took a fake punt in a Week 16 game against the Packers, but Steelers P Mat McBriar attempted -- and completed -- his first NFL pass in his 10th season.
Like seemingly all recent former Texans players, punter Donnie Jones has found his newest home in Philadelphia, as the Eagles announced they had signed Jones to a one-year deal.
The biggest problem wasn't even that the Eagles lost so many games as much as how they lost them -- with too many mistakes and not enough effort. It all added up to the worst Eagles season since 1998.
This game capsulized the Eagles' season as well as any other. It's not that the Eagles lose games as much as how they lose them, and this one -- a 34-13 loss to the Bengals -- was as ugly as it gets.
Save for about a 15-minute stretch on Thursday, the Eagles utterly and completely imploded against the Bengals, losing 34-13.

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