Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose talked for the first time on Thursday about problems between his camp and his team.
While there has been a perceived indirect war of words between James Harden and Chandler Parsons, the two Team USA players say everything is fine between them.
Knicks' offer doesn't stack up with market value for All-Star forward... even if they had picks... which they don't. But the effort is nice.
Knicks star denies that he cares about the money, instead contending that winning is his primary goal.
James Harden of the Houston Rockets says he and Dwight Howard are the cornerstones and the rest of the guys are role players. Even if true, should he say that?
Chicago is back in the Kevin Love race as Cleveland keeps trying to complete a deal.
The Houston Rockets have had a rough offseason but the development of Isaiah Canaan, their draft pick from 2013, can save all of that.
Knicks star Carmelo Anthony is becoming a seed funder.
Melo comparisons can be put aside, Parker projects as an independent model of player in the NBA after a strong summer league performance.
Milwaukee Bucks forward Giannis Antetokounmpo is only 19, and he showed in summer league he's made huge strides already.

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