A look at who came out ahead, and who fell flat in free agency and trades this summer in the NBA, starring, of course, the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Veteran wing follows LeBron James to Cleveland
LeBron James might bring Mike Miller with him to Cleveland.
Cleveland is reportedly going after Miami Heat free agent sharpshooter James Jones, in addition to Mike Miller and Ray Allen.
With LeBron James expected to make his second huge free agency decision in four years this week, we look at the idea of him staying with the Heat.
LeBron James said he wasn't going to give the media the answers they want about his free agency future after losing to the Spurs.
The Miami Heat have history stopping them from winning this series, but what can they do to end up making history themselves?
A look at the crucial pass from LeBron James to Chris Bosh for three, and what makes Bosh such a key part of the Heat.
Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker have played without air conditioning for years in Europe, so Game 1 wasn't a problem for them after the air conditioning went out.
The air conditioning broke, LeBron James succumbed to cramping and the Spurs took a sweltering Game 1 of the NBA Finals with a 110-95 victory over the Heat.

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