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Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Cavaliers superstar says the only return that will make everything "all right" is Jesus Christ. You would think the Messiah would help with spacing and defense.
The Warriors' smallball continues to dominate, the Magic give an early gift worth giving, the Raptors have greatness on Drake night, and the Cavs are just hurt. All that and more in our notes roundup.
LeBron James and James Jones got on the Cavs for "inconsistent play."
The Cavs had a throwback night Thursday and put together a video that shows off the sweet moves of the players.
Cleveland superstar LeBron James will likely miss the remainder of his team's exhibition schedule, according to a report.
The Cleveland Cavaliers are set up to dominate the East, but will they?
Will Kevin Love skip town? Will David Blatt be back? The Cavs, already favored to win the 2016 NBA title, have a big offseason in store.
Will the 2014-15 NBA season end tonight in Cleveland? We preview Game 6 of the NBA Finals as the Cavs look to avoid elimination.
The Warriors want an offensive series and David Blatt plays right into their hands in Game 5 by going small and shortening the rotation even more.
With two-to-three games remaining in these Finals, where does James stand among the all-time greats if he wins this series? Will history forgive him his supporting cast if he loses?

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