You can't predict injuries, but you can get ready for the possibility. Our Chris Towers looks at some handcuff options you might consider in his latest Trade Value Chart.
Brook Lopez is struggling, Roy Hibbert is still good, and wait, Chris Kaman?
What kind of value do injured stars like Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook have on the open market? Our Chris Towers delivers some perspective in his Week 4 Fantasy Trade Values.
The former No. 5 overall pick will reportedly be an unrestricted free agent next summer.
Chris Kaman said he "felt his teeth kind of crush me in."
The first episode of Blazers center Chris Kaman's show, "Exploring Kaman," is online.
Portland Trail Blazers big man Chris Kaman has a reality show coming out and it's everything you would expect from Chris Kaman.
With NBA 2K15 looking to hit stores at midnight on October 7, here are the player ratings for each team and some free agents out of the box.
Portland center Chris Kaman spoke about leaving his ego behind and finding the right situation.
Should we trust Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose this season? What can we expect from Kevin Love? Our Chris Towers breaks down some big questions as we head into draft season.

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