The Nets had an upset victory on Monday, with Jarrett Jack playing the hero against his former team.
There aren't many good options to choose from in Monday's NBA slate, but our Chris Towers sifts through what's out there to help you fill out a winning lineup.
Adding a player in the middle of the season, especially with the chaos of the Miami Heat have endured. How are the integrating Goran Dragic's skills?
Kyle Lowry and DeMarcus Cousins for Tim Duncan and Steph Curry? Chris Towers guides a few Fantasy players through last-minute trades.
Isaiah Canaan made a shot on Monday that should be impossible.
OKC is distancing itself from Phoenix in the West.
Chris Bosh is out for the season, but if all you can think about is the Miami Heat's playoff hopes and the fate of your fantasy team, it's time to re-evaluate.
Heat big man Udonis Haslem is now shooting 100 percent on 3-pointers this season.
The full nights of NBA action are back after the All-Star break and there is a ton to review.
The trade deadline forced Chris Towers to make drastic changes to his Fantasy hoops rankings, and he goes over some of them at the Fantasy Basketball Today blog.

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