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The Atlanta Falcons have plans to keep Jake Matthews on the roster for the foreseeable future.
Everybody whiffs in the draft. Here's the worst pick for each franchise since 1995
Expect four QBs to come off the board and for Reuben Foster not to fall out of the first round
From busts to Super Bowl-winning underdogs, 10 NFL Drafts have churned out a disparity of QBs
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Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Taylor Gabriel is officially under contract for the 2017 season.
Pro Bowl talent on both sides of the ball figures to make its way to the market
Four teams snag a quarterback of the future, including the Browns after a trade up, in our latest mock
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Falcons fans now know what's going to take the place of the Georgia Dome.
The league really did the Ravens a favor, while the Eagles face the toughest task of anyone in September
What can we learn about the schedule that can help us draft smarter and win more often in Fantasy Football?

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