Here are two of the most important injury replacements of the week.
Two officiating calls in recent weeks that drew national attention and were later overruled by the league office were, in fact, correct, the NFL Referees Association said in a statement Thursday.
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The NFL said Husain Abdullah 'should not have been penalized' for sliding and praying on Monday night.
Kansas City safety Husain Abdullah flagged in Chiefs-Patriots game for sliding and praying
Tom Brady was terrible and the Chiefs looked great during Monday night's destruction of the Patriots.
The Chiefs are resting ALL of their starters on Sunday, which means Andy Reid is basically handing the Chargers a free path to the playoffs.
After spending a year away from the NFL to complete a pilgrimage to Mecca, safety Husain Abdullah returned to the league on Monday when he signed a deal with the Kansas City Chiefs. The undrafted safety from Washington State started nine games for the Vikings in 2011.

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