There was a whole lot of bad when ranking the 20 starting Browns quarterbacks since 1999. But there was some good, as well.
We took a look at a decade's worth of trading away future first-round picks to see whether or not it's a good move in the short- and long-term.
Will one of the quarterbacks selected in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft end up being a bust? History says yes.
Cam Newton's not worried about contract discussions right now.
With demand outstripping supply for QBs this means that, invariably, backups like veteran Michael Vick could get another opportunity to be a starter.
The Broncos will hand the Chiefs their first loss and the Panthers will top the Patriots in the first Monday night game played in Charlotte since 2008.
The highlight of Week 9 is Chicago visiting Green Bay on Monday, unless the cheerleaders decide to wear costumes in Miami, then it's the Bengals-Dolphins Halloween showdown.
Jimmy Clausen was supposed to be the Panthers' franchise quarterback, but the Panthers drafted Cam Newton in 2011. Now, Clausen has been released.
Browns fans are long overdue for a winner. Passing the time until that fateful day can lead to all sorts of strange behaviors ... like streaking.
One of the league's best defensive players says don't sleep on the Arizona Cardinals. Why? Because they now have a quarterback.

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