The Buccaneers continue to add to their impressive free agent haul.
Offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz has a new team. He's going to the Giants.
With the 2013 season officially in the books the Eye on Football staff is looking ahead to the offseason for all 32 NFL teams. Next up: the New York Giants.
The time for NFL teams to designate franchise tags is nearing. We look at each team and pinpoint which players are most likely to receive non-exclusive franchise tags.
If you're an NFL free agent looking for a team with cash, the Browns, Jags and Raiders are loaded. The Cowboys? Well, let's say they've spent beyond their cap limit ... again.
How does champion Seattle ease cap woes? Will the Pats cut Vince Wilfork? What about DeMarcus Ware, Chris Johnson, Mark Sanchez and Matt Schaub? Cap cuts are coming.
Teams are struggling to keep five healthy linemen on the field, which means beatings for quarterbacks. Also, it looks like Andy Dalton is ready to make a big career leap.
He has been injured for much of the year, and on Wednesday, the Giants ended center David Baas' season.
How many plays can the Eagles and Broncos run and whist about Richard Sherman on Andre Johnson. Those are some of the things that intrigue me this week.
If the Giants' 9-7 season has taught us anything, it's that no problem exists in a vacuum. WR Hakeem Nicks' knee injury allowed defenses to focus on WR Victor Cruz and effectively take away the threat of the big play.

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