Another NFL receiver has been lost with a torn ACL. This time it's New Orleans' Joe Morgan.
Losing Michael Crabtree to an Achilles injury puts added pressure on second-year starter Colin Kaepernick, who figures to see better schemes on top of losing a top target.
NFL.com reports that free agent receiver Steve Breaston has been advised that he doesn't need Regenokine treatment on his knee after all.
Steve Breaston reportedly says his balky knee feels fine and thinks he could pass an NFL physical despite having early arthritic symptoms. But ESPN reports Breaston is considering undergoing Regenokine treatment in Germany.
Free agent Steve Breaston has visits scheduled with the Browns and Steelers this week, according to league sources, and is being monitored by several others.
To get under the cap, the Steelers need to redo the contracts of some of their biggest stars. The team hopes to restructure deals with Ben Roethlisberger and Lawrence Timmons by week's end.
The Steelers are the favorite to land receiver Steve Breaston, according to league sources.
Kansas City has parted ways with Steve Breaston, the former Cardinals wideout, and Kevin Boss, who won a Super Bowl with the Giants.
The Chiefs are 'actively pursuing' an extension with wideout Dwayne Bowe, according to a report.
What teams might make sense as potential trading partners for the Vikings if they want to move Percy Harvin.

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