Super Bowl 50

Sun, Feb 7, 2016

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Talib admitted to yanking Brown's facemask during the second quarter of Super Bowl 50 on purpose.
A Super Bowl replay assistant who worked the Panthers-Broncos game on Sunday lives in Denver.
The Broncos Super Bowl parade got kind of crazy.
Apparently, Apple CEO Tim Cook hasn't perfect the use of his iPhone camera.
Peyton Manning and Cam Newton might be more similar than we think.
One setback won't define the Panthers -- or their facial hair -- as evidenced by Greg Olsen's tweet documenting his transformation from mountain man to unassuming guy in a beanie.
Cam Newton said Tuesday he was worried about hurting himself when he didn't dive on a football.
Broncos linebacker Von Miller was the star of Super Bowl 50, but before he took over the evening, it was teammate Aqib Talib who had everyone talking -- and for the wrong reasons.
Cam Newton spoke to the media Tuesday about his Sunday press conference.

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