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Thomas Davis isn't happy after a questionable report on his quarterback.
The Panthers haven't been known for their inventiveness on offense, but some key additions this offseason could change that, and help Cam Newton bounceback from a rough season. But it might not be enough to save his Fantasy value.
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It turns out Antonio Brown is apparently just a big fan of Greg Olsen.
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The pick for the best No. 4 in Panthers history is an easy one.
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Panthers quarterback Cam Newton receives some major criticism from one media outlet.
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The Panthers' strength staff loves what the team's star quarterback has brought to the weight room this offseason after surgery.
Brown has decided to trade in his Steelers helmet for a Panthers helmet. ... At least for one work out
The Panthers went to the Super Bowl two years ago, but they don't even crack the top two here
In a league dominated by passing, every team's QB is their best bet. But what about everyone else?
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The Panthers have to find a solution to this problem.

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