It has been four years since Vince Young referred to the Eagles as the 'Dream Team.' Those words have outlasted just about everybody on that team, which finished a pedestrian 8-8.
If you're looking for a wide receiver, T.O. knows who to call.
On the latest EOF Podcast, Will Brinson and Ryan Wilson continue the 'Would You Rather' debate, this time with Matt Ryan vs. Joe Flacco and Marshawn Lynch vs. Adrian Peterson.
The Twitter feud between Antonio Cromartie and Kellen Winslow doesn't look like it's going to end anytime soon.
Antonio Cromartie has been making headlines lately. His head coach would prefer for him to focus on making the Jets a better team.
Kellen Winslow Jr. wants to fight Antonio Cromartie.
Muhammad Wilkerson is still waiting on a contract from the Jets. Teammate Sheldon Richardson believes he's 'worth that penny' and deserves $100 million on his new deal.
Antonio Cromartie criticized Richard Sherman last week. This week, it was Sherman's turn.
They're clearly the NFL's two best corners, but who's really superior: The leader of the Legion of Boom, or No Fly Zone 2.0's top man?
Antonio Cromartie claims that Richard Sherman isn't the best cornerback in the NFL because he doesn't follow No. 1 receivers and because he plays with two great safeties.

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