| 1488228201
If this is the price for Jimmy Garoppolo, the Chicago Bears must get on the phone quickly.
| 1488225791
The Chicago Bears still have not recovered from Phil Emery's poor drafting between 2012 and 2014.
| 1488218260
Keith Traylor had one of the most memorable returns in NFL history.
| 1488216114
Once a victim of a prank on draft day, Cameron Meredith has turned himself into a solid receiving option for the Chicago Bears.
| 1488212285
The market is shaping up for Alshon Jeffery, but there are a lot of questions surrounding the talented Chicago Bears wideout.
Chicago won't pay Jeffery on the tag according to a report
| 1488203520
There is still a belief that Jay Cutler can make things work in the NFL.
| 1488202683
The Chicago Bears are not willing to commit to the franchise tag for the second year in row on Alshon Jeffery.
| 1488142560
Dontari Poe is set to be one of the biggest names to hit the open market unless he is franchise tagged this offseason.
| 1488139681
The Chicago Bears brass have some key things to keep an eye on this week in Indianapolis.

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