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The Cowboys have a laundry list of free agents, and re-signing Barry Church has to be a top priority.
| 1487686524
If Terrell Owens is looking for sympathy for his Hall of Fame snub, he won't find any from Dallas Cowboys' legend Drew Pearson.
| 1487684520
It won't happen, but just imagining the Dallas Cowboys signing Chandler Jones is enough to get your heart racing.
| 1487682236
After five years of trying to figure out what Lance Dunbar brings to the table, it's time the Dallas Cowboys removed his seat from it altogether.
These were moves the Cowboys planned to make at the time the contracts were signed
| 1487624534
The Dallas Cowboys just made their first big swing at getting back into the green when it comes to their 2017 salary cap.
| 1487616068
The Dak Prescott era has begun with the Dallas Cowboys, but it was all built on the back of Tony Romo.
| 1487611049
In a move that won't break the bank for the Dallas Cowboys while also adding instant impact to their pass rush, it's clear why they should grab Calais Campbell.
The Cowboys quarterback is going to play in 2017, it's just a matter of where
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Hopefully no one takes Jared Allen's advice on how to stop Ezekiel Elliott seriously, but the former NFL defensive end might have a point.

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