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The organization is expecting big things from Byron Jones in 2017, and they just might get their wish.
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The team's pass rush is still not set for 2017, and Elvis Dumervil could be the final piece of the puzzle.
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When a GOAT speaks, everyone should pull up a chair and listen.
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Few people understand the world of the NFL like Michael Irvin, and he wants the fiery Giant's WR to listen up.
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Not everyone is predicting the downfall of the star Cowboys' QB.
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The beef between these two top NFL talents is far past medium-well.
| 1495729705
Never let it be said the young Cowboys' pass rusher doesn't have high expectations.
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This certainly would've been a sight for sore NFL eyes in 2017.
Sherman reportedly still hasn't gotten over the Seahawks' Super Bowl loss to the Patriots

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