| 1469233920
The Dallas Cowboys running back finally took to Twitter to respond to the recent allegation after a long 21st birthday.
| 1469223166
The Dallas Cowboys rookie running back was just hit with a serious allegation.
Elliott is facing allegations of an assault on his reported ex-girlfriend
| 1469218920
Zeke shared his entire side of the story to Michael Irvin.
| 1469215718
The Dallas Cowboys running back's dad has responded.
| 1469210705
TMZ has obtained audio of Tiffany Thompson's 911 call reporting that she had been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of her boyfriend and requesting an officer to
| 1469205420
Ezekiel Elliott believes he was set up.
| 1469203320
The latest on the Dallas Cowboys rookie running back.
Green passed away Friday morning after suffering cardiac arrest
A police report indicates Elliott was not charged

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