| 1487865248
Sean Payton has seen enough to know he's not buying into the projections of a Dak Prescott sophomore slump.
| 1487863111
What Skip Bayless said about Tony Romo and the Washington Redskins is the opposite of what Dallas Cowboys' fans want to hear.
| 1487860749
Byron Jones just received the biggest compliment from the most legendary source when Darren Woodson spoke recently.
| 1487859156
One of the reasons Tony Romo is in the NFL is because of Sean Payton, who says don't be surprised to see the veteran do big things in 2017.
| 1487857457
When it comes to comparisons between Deshaun Watson and Dak Prescott, Shannon Sharpe says stop being lazy.
Watson is regarded as one of the top three quarterback prospects in this year's draft
| 1487792340
The Dallas Cowboys can't afford another injury-riddled season from Orlando Scandrick, and neither can he.
Forget the odds -- we're going to spell out the reasons your team is doomed from the start
| 1487787686
Another day, another top NFL draft prospect pleads with the Dallas Cowboys to draft him -- and this time it's QB Deshaun Watson.
| 1487781240
In taking a look at the projected market value of Terrance Williams, it's clear the Dallas Cowboys may want to find a replacement in 2017.

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