Wes Welker went flying with the Air Force Thunderbirds in an F-16.
Four clubs already have lost top LBs, like the Bills' Kiko Alonso. When the hitting starts, that number could rise, giving veteran free agents like Jonathan Vilma a new lease on life.
Joe Staley got a big deal from the Niners, who would be wise to do the same for deserving guard Alex Boone -- or risk a lengthy, though rare, holdout.
One of the first things Peyton Manning did after losing the Super Bowl? Watched game film of the Super Bowl.
Andrew Luck did a Q&A on the Colts Twitter account and it was pretty funny. Here are some of the highlights.
If Broncos tight end Julius Thomas thinks he's going to get paid Jimmy Graham money, he probably should have a chat with John Elway.
Is all-star production transferable? Ten Pro Bowl players change teams, but only a few will find themselves in schemes that will get them back to the Pro Bowl.
The NFL has released the full list of team training camp locations and start dates.

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