The Cowboys did a good job drafting Prescott, but they searched far and wide for a better 2016 backup
| 1495675651
Elway is confident that his extension will get hammered out.
| 1495651960
Raymond's in the mix to become Denver's returner.
| 1495648421
"I feel like Trevor Siemian's gonna be their guy."
| 1495640858
McManus was slapped with a restricted free agent tag and has yet to sign his tender.
| 1495633878
The Broncos' lone unsigned pick, Henderson will receive a four-year pact worth roughly $3.327 million.
There's nothing more uncomfortable than working with the guy hired to replace you
| 1495570485
The Broncos appear interested in locking down their hard-hitting safety.
| 1495564409
Like anyone else, he'll have to beat out his competition.
| 1495559914
As expected, Denver's down a few notable players.

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