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The Detroit Lions could choose two divisional games to wear their newest jersey looks.
| 1493054627
The Detroit Lions' blueprint to success during the NFL Draft.
Everybody whiffs in the draft. Here's the worst pick for each franchise since 1995
| 1493049176
Marlon Humphrey is the player ESPN thinks the Detroit Lions would love to see fall to 21.
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The Detroit Lions will allow the NFL Network to film their war room during the draft.
Expect four QBs to come off the board and for Reuben Foster not to fall out of the first round
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The Detroit Lions have a major need at linebacker according to the Star Tribune.
From busts to Super Bowl-winning underdogs, 10 NFL Drafts have churned out a disparity of QBs
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Steve Mariucci sent Charles Harris to the Detroit Lions in a live mock draft.
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A writer doesn't think the Detroit Lions will draft Caleb Brantley after his run in with the law.

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